Cam Model Orgies on Chaturbate?

A lot of people are curious about these orgy shows that are showing up a lot on Chaturbate lately, and I wanted to post about it because I happen to know several girls who have been involved in some of them. And yes, it’s an amazing way to get traffic into your room and make a LOT of tokens quickly. I’ve seen some of these rooms get over 4,000 viewers at a time, so the potentially to make huge money is definitely a major factor having to do with why these shows are becoming popular.

First of all, it doesn’t surprise me at all that people are attracted to multiple cam girls having live shows together. I mean, it makes so much sense that with more girls, there’s just more energy, more excitement, and much more potential for naughty things to go down. When you add some alcohol into the mix, all of that gets multiplied by like 1,000 times. Now, drinking alcohol on chaturbate is not allowed, so doing it is a bit risky. But, honestly, a lot of webcam models there have done it.

Multiple cam model shows on Chaturbate.

So, I know two cam girls who have been part of 5-girl orgy shows on Chaturbate, and they both reported to me that the money was absolutely bomb. They each made like $500 for being on 3 hours. That was each girl’s take after the total tokens were split between the 5 models. Again, this doesn’t surprise me at all. What DID surprise me is that they didn’t all get their cam model accounts banned, because they went through like 3 bottles of Patron that night.

Now, if you’re thinking of doing one of these orgy shows to get more followers and raise your profile as a chaturbate model, you should keep a few things in mind. First, review the terms agreement beforehand make sure that the activities you’re planning are withing Chaturbate’s rules. Like I said, many cam girls get away with stuff, but it’s risky, so you should know that.

Secondly, decide ahead of time what particular apps and bots you will be using during your show. One of the major problems girls run into with these shows is arguing over what apps should be turned on first, or whether to use Token Keno, any other such stuff. Just get on the same page with your collab cam girls as to what will be used when.

Cam girl shots

Finally, don’t get an attitude about having to share the camming session’s tokens with the other models, even though you think you did most of the work. Look, it might be true, but if you agree to do one of these orgy shows, you agree to split the take no matter how much work each girl put in. Yes, I know of shows where a cam model passed out from shots an hour into the show and ended up getting an equal share of the proceeds anyway. That’s just the way it is. Remember that, next time, it might be you who spends most of the night in the bathroom blowing chunks instead of working the room.

So yeah, camming with other cam girls is a great idea because it can really get some serious attention for you and the other models. Odds are your room count will be big, the tokens will come much easier, and you’ll make a great load of money. Do them every so often to keep the flame burning, it’s very worth it!


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